Sugar Detox Day 4

Pollen Count: 4.5 out of 12

Allergy symptoms:  Tons o’ nasal drip today, but my head didn’t feel floaty. Yay!

General Feelings:  I ate A LOT of protein today.  I had an egg casserole for breakfast, a burger with a side of brat for lunch, and chicken with veggies and sweet potato for supper.  I had coleslaw with lunch, so I’m sure there was some sugar in there.  I was able to go out with my coworkers after work and not drink any alcohol!  The chips and queso were harder to resist…

My stomach has been feeling a little bloated.  I’m not sure why!  Hopefully it’s my body getting rid of the candida.  I’ve read on other blogs that you can be kind of messed up through day 3 or 4.  So tomorrow I should feel fantastic, right??  My mood and energy are MUCH better today than yesterday, so that’s good. I’ll keep at this for another 1.5 weeks and see what happens!


About hlofromcello

I love to run, bike, read, and eat. I love to make paleo food and write about making paleo food.
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