I sell the full range of Yoga Tune Up® balls for the following prices:

  • Originals $13.00
  • Originals Plus $14.00
  • Alpha Single $14.00
  • Alpha Twinset $28.00
  • Coregeous $11.00

You can order using this affiliate link.  Or use the Contact Me link for shipping and payment details.  Thank you!

PRIVATE YOGA: The rate is $60 per hour, and I am typically available on Monday and Wednesday nights from 5PM to 7PM and on Saturday mornings from 8AM to 12PM.

CORPORATE YOGA:  The rate is $50 for a 30-45 minute on-site session within a 5-mile radius of Davenport, IA.  My corporate classes can be done in a conference room, and yoga clothes are not necessary.  I open class with a meditation, move into therapy ball work and a few seated or standing yoga asanas, and then close with a final meditation. The class is designed to relieve pain in and reduce stress.

Please use the Contact Me link to request additional information.  Thank you!!