Easiest Ever Paleo Banana Bread

This recipe is delicious.  If you don’t make it, you are a fool.  A FOOL!  I tried it for the first time yesterday, and the Timmy Tee was a huge fan.  He asked me to make it again this morning, so I did, because I’m nice like that.  I made a double batch, so that Tim and I could each have our own full portion.  I doubled the batch and then poured it into 2 separate bowls.  About 30 seconds into the microwaving of the first one, I realized that I forgot to add the cinnamon and salt, , so I pulled out the bowl and dusted the top of the  batter, on top of the chopped walnuts.  On the second batch, I mixed the salt, cinnamon, and nuts all into the batter.

Both batches turned out fantastic.   I ate the one with the nuts and cinnamon and salt on top.  I also put about 4 of the largest chunks of ghee you’ve ever seen on the bread directly out of the microwave, so that the bread had a nice butter glaze on it.  It was fantastic.  I ate it with like 4 slices of crispy bacon.  Tim loved his batch, with all the ingredients mixed together.  So, either way, I think you’ll like it.  It’s super quick, super tasty, and totally primal.  It’s a win, win, win!

I have to admit, I’ve totally ignored all recipes for microwaved paleo desserts in the past.  I really just don’t trust the microwave.  I’m sure it’s fine and won’t cause cancer or whatever, but it just seems…wrong.  But, I’ve changed my tune.  I’m going to try these next.  I’m a microwave convert now.

Tonight for supper I am doing Take 2 of the Chili Verde recipe I got from a friend at work.  The first time I made it, I added WAY too many hot spices.  We had to cut it with several cups of bone broth/chicken broth.  Tonight I toned down the spices, and it looks fantastic.  We are going to dive in here in a minute.  We are spooning it over sweet potatoes, and topping it with avocado chunks.

UPDATE:  The chili was delicious!!  If you want the recipe, let me know!


About Hlo

I love to read, learn, cook, eat, write, draw, and walk. I am finishing up my schooling as a neurosomatic therapist and look forward to integrating my interests in the body, mind, spirit, movement into a therapeutic modality that helps people fall in love with their bodies and find joy in living well, simply, and with ease.
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2 Responses to Easiest Ever Paleo Banana Bread

  1. I’m kind of excited to try this. Andy used to be totally against “cooking” in the microwave but has changed his ways in recent years now that the need for convenience is ruling our lives. =)

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